Select natural ingredients and 100% organically sourced plant-based minerals, this children’s vitamin mineral supplement can fill nutritional gaps and promote mental and physical development. It is formulated to ensure children are getting the vitamins and minerals they need to optimize health. It comes in liquid form and is easily added to drinks and smoothies. Just 1 ounce provides children with the complete spectrum of 12 essential vitamins and 74 trace minerals.

Engineered by mother nature, colostrum promotes healthy growth and development. Nature’s Energy chewable colostrum tablets provide kids with immunoglobulin proteins, vitamin C, and natural milk components. Now available in three delicious flavors that kids love! Colostrum is a mixture of enriched IgG protein and hundreds of bioactive milk components, creating a naturally balanced spectrum of nutrients.

Supplying your child with the proper vitamins and minerals they need to aid in the proper development is vital for any age group. Nature’s Energy has designed and formulated a complete liquid supplement to assist with mental and physical development. Long gone are the days of fighting your children to take vitamins daily. Our liquid supplement can be mixed into a smoothie or drink and tastes great. The essential vitamins and minerals found in our children’s liquid supplements are easily ingestible and taste so good your children will love them.
Finding time to have your children do all of their homework, eat dinner together, play and exercise for at least 30 minutes while also getting enough sleep and all of the vitamins and minerals they need to aid in the proper growth and development seems almost impossible. Nature’s Energy makes it easy to mix our liquid supplements in with a morning smoothie or drink to ensure your children start their day off on the right foot. With 12 essential vitamins and 74 trace minerals, this is one of the best liquid vitamins for children of all ages.