Children’s Vitamins and Minerals

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An All-In-One Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Children—Just 1 Ounce Provides A Complete Spectrum Of Essential Vitamins and Minerals 

  • Contains 12 essential vitamins and 74 plant based minerals
  • Designed to provide enhanced absorption (liquid vitamins for toddlers are absorbed 60% better than vitamins in gummy or pill form)
  • Provides complete spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals in just 1 ounce daily
  • Available in great-tasting flavors with no gluten, artificial colors, or sweeteners
  • Supplementing a good diet helps promote normal healthy development


Select natural ingredients and 100% organically sourced plant-based minerals, this children’s vitamin mineral supplement can fill nutritional gaps and promote mental and physical development. It is formulated to ensure children are getting the vitamins and minerals they need to optimize health. It comes in liquid form and is easily added to drinks and smoothies. Just 1 ounce provides children with the complete spectrum of 12 essential vitamins and 74 trace minerals.

Looking for quality liquid vitamins for children? Shop Nature’s Energy and ensure your child is getting the vitamins and minerals he or she needs!


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“Liquid vitamins and minerals are so much faster/easier on the body to absorb.”

– Tycy Berry; Kalispell, Montana


Designed and formulated to provide your child with naturally sourced vitamins and minerals needed for optimum mental and physical development. This complete liquid supplement is formulated for enhanced absorption; just 1 ounce daily contains most of the nutrients your child needs. Natures Energy created this liquid vitamin mineral supplement, especially for children.

Compare labels and you’ll find NE “Children’s” formulation provides 12 essential vitamins and 74 trace minerals. Making it the best vitamin and mineral supplement when trying to provide your child with the full spectrum, all-in-one, vitamin supplement.

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