Mega Mineral Sport

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Mega mineral sport is a concentrated shot that you add to 16oz’s of water. Workout boosters support
energy and focus so that you can blast through your workouts, see results, and maintain
energy post workout! Mega Mineral Sport gives your body 100% PLANT SOURCED electrolyte
mineral replacement. Mega Mineral also increases the bioavailable quantity of each
mineral to help match the increased losses of these key electrolytes during extreme
activity. Each bottle is 2oz’s and is sold in packs of 12.

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” My job is physically demanding. I’ve been noticing lately that my muscles and body aches. Mega Mineral Sport has really been a life saver, I immediately noticed feeling more energy, and after two weeks I noticed my body feels better.”

Kalispell, Montana    Todd Tolbert


What do minerals do in our bodies ?

Electrolytes are minerals that break into small electrically charged particles called ions when they dissolve in water. Electrolytes are very important to physical activity because they help regulate fluid in your body. During physical activity your body looses electrolytes through

sweat. Mega Mineral Sports helps restore the balance. Helping you feel energized mentally and physically. Electrolyte replacement is key to meeting your fitness goals and maintaining appropriate electrolyte and mineral levels in your body.

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Mega Mineral Sports

$29.99 – or subscribe and get 10% off



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