Nature’s Energy has been a leading nutraceutical manufacturer for over 20 years, providing a variety of quality health supplements to companies worldwide. Through the research of Dr. Garry Smith, an avid student of Nobel prize-winning chemist and nutritionist Linus Pauling at Oregon State University, Nature’s Energy has developed a unique supplement formula. Dr. Smith’s studies found that the most natural form of nutrients is better absorbed and assimilated by the body, an idea that led to the creation of an advanced chemical process that blends pure, organically-based raw ingredients for maximum absorption.Dr. Smith emphasized that it is not the presence of any given nutritional ingredient in a supplement but rather the form that ingredient is in and the matrix it creates with other selected ingredients. This line of thinking gave rise to Nature’s Energy’s nutritional philosophy, a focus that has been followed and perfected over 20 years.

The National Institute of Health found that 82% of Americans are deficient in trace and macro minerals, which is due to the exhaustion of soils and the use of artificial fertilizers to grow many of our foods. Nature’s Energy then pursued the development of a unique process to extract 100% plant-based, chelated minerals and 9.2% Fulvic acid from ancient organic deposits. This unique manufacturing system has allowed Nature’s Energy to create all of its products in-house that are more highly absorbed, while not outsourcing any functions or ingredient preparations. Nature’s Energy products are now sold all over the country, and nutraceutical companies worldwide use our liquid mineral complex as the base for their own liquid vitamin supplements due to its quality and bioavailability of the chelated minerals.


The FDA mandates that each nutraceutical company must identify and test each and every ingredient in order to guarantee their safety to the consuming public and ensure that ingredients on the label are present in the product without impurities or harmful bacteria. While most nutraceutical and food companies today rely on a process called “pasteurization” to cleanse their products of unwanted bacteria, Nature’s Energy does not use any sterilization process that could ruin the natural structure and character of our ingredients. Nature’s Energy does not rely on heat or any other sterilization process that could change the natural, non-artificial structure of our ingredients. Instead, Nature’s Energy’s unique process of selecting, holding, and combining ingredients in a sterile environment allows us to use a cold-fill process after carefully selecting and testing each raw ingredient for cleanliness. Nature’s Energy’s all-sterile procedures, more commonly seen on the pharmaceutical side of manufacturing, ensures that no process contaminates our final product and allows us to provide the only vitamin-mineral supplement on the market that comes to you in its raw, natural, most advantageous form.


At Nature’s Energy, we strive for community service by providing scholarship opportunities and donations locally and throughout the world. As Nature’s Energy has expanded, so has our community outreach. We are dedicated to improving the community and providing consumers with quality products to improve their health.


In addition to branded products, Nature’s Energy offers premium private label manufacturing for a variety of different clients. Our unique manufacturing system allows us to produce top-quality products for any business, and our advanced ingredient testing process provides our clients with confidence in their product. From liquid supplements to tableting, Nature’s Energy provides unparalleled customer support.


At Nature’s Energy, we are constantly in motion. Our experienced research team is continuously striving to formulate great-tasting health supplements that meet customer needs. Our facility has received approval from the FDA, and our practices meet federal standards for nutraceutical formulation and distribution. As our company grows, our product line will continue to expand with the goal of providing the best selection of health supplements to our customers.