10 Potential Uses For Colloidal Silver

Silver is an ancient and natural all-purpose healing agent. For centuries, it has been regarded as a versatile healing tool that has helped heal wounds and aid in fighting off bacterial infections. Though it saw a decline in usage in the middle 20th century, it has since seen a resurgence and is, nowadays, used for…read more

5 Ways To Boost Energy

Whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or evening, we’ve all experienced an energy crash. While it’s fine (and sometimes even welcomed) to have this crash late at night as you’re winding down and gearing up for bed, it can be downright frustrating to experience this complete energy depletion during an important part of the day—say,…read more

The Importance of Prenatal Vitamins

When eating for two, it is absolutely imperative to get all the nutrients you and your baby require. According to the National Institute of Health, many women of childbearing age are not getting these necessary nutrients through their normal diets. Because of this—and scores of supporting research—prenatal vitamins have become an efficient and viable way…read more

Life Strategies for the Ages

BEFORE A BREATH: 12 months leading to birth At birth most of the quality and longevity of our health have been predetermined by genetics and nutrition (preconception and prenatal). Studies have shown that the quality and quantity of micronutrients provided at these times is critical to normal development. Early nutritional status lays down the foundation…read more

The Risk and Benefit Matrix

  Living a heart healthy lifestyle means looking at human behavior as it relates to nutrition and the manageable risk factors for heart disease.  We are all human. This subjects us to being vulnerable to physical and emotional needs. It seems so simple, doesn’t it?  Eat right, exercise and control those urges that you know are ”…read more