The “Big” Four

Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol & Obesity



We eat too much poor quality food and we don’t exercise enough. It’s as simple as that.  In America today 3 of 4 white males are overweight. One in four are obese and 7% are extremely obese. 59% and 53% respectively, of Black and Hispanic/Latino males are overweight and a high percentage are obese.  Women are at equal or more risk of being overweight and much more likely to be obese.  75% of women in the US ages 40-60 already have at least one risk factor for heart disease. Two of every 5 children are overweight and 12% are obese. The link between obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease are well established and accepted facts.  Eating high sugar, high cholesterol, high solid fat, low fiber, low vitamin content and processed foods in large quantities contribute to being overweight. This raises the incidence of the four BIG risk factors: Diabetes, Hypertension, high Cholesterol and being Overweight. Combine any three of these and the risk of developing heart disease is astronomical. It’s all about food, food and food.


Q: What do we do about it? 

A: Live a Heart Healthy Lifestyle.  Keep your body weight at a healthy level through exercise and diet.  Eat heart healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats (chicken and seafood), nuts, seeds, peas and beans. Lower intakes of sodium, solid fats, sugar, cholesterol, and processed foods. Use daily dietary supplements to ensure adequate micronutrient intake by providing your body with an “ALL in ONE” Vitamin/Mineral. Don’t smoke; don’t drink in excess; don’t create situations that increase your risk.  Professionally manage health issues related to heart disease with medication if needed.  Be aware of your Individual Risk Factors that contribute to heart disease and control them to the best of your ability.  A healthy heart comes from healthy living, good nutrition and being smart about managing the risk factors you do have.  Make a New Life Resolution. Start Living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle.



The reasons why it’s best to think of lowering your risk for heart disease as a “Package Deal.” The combination of high risk factors increases the risk the most.